Flush Away Years of Built-up Waste and Toxins!
Melt Away Stubborn Fat Without Depriving Yourself...
Increase Your Energy & Improve Your Digestion

Dear Friend,

Do you have 5 minutes?

That’s all it takes. 5 minutes a day.

To get rid of dangerous toxins that are slowing you down.

To boost your energy levels and to feel better.

To transform your body and hormones so that you no longer struggle to release excess weight.
And ultimately, so that you can avoid following the masses who are overweight and are suffering from daily fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, skin breakouts, digestive problems, poor sleep and out-of-control cravings. 

Meet Lily Tyson
After finishing her education in business and marketing at the University of Massachusetts, Lily was trained as a wellness practitioner at the world renowned Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lennox MA. After that, her family has owned a detox spa in Western Mass for 10 years. Now Lily is following her lifelong passion to help people detox and maintain optimal health. Having a busy lifestyle as a mother and entrepreneur, she found it difficult to commit to daily juicing. It also came to her attention that other busy people were having the same issue. That’s why Lily has put together effective detox hacks and developed an easy routine that anyone can follow because it only takes 5 minutes a day. If you are busy and are having a hard time fitting in all the healthy things you know you should be doing, then this program is for you. Lily can show you how you can live a toxin-free lifestyle with minimal effort and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.
The “Hidden” Reason You Feel Sluggish
And Struggle To Lose Excess Weight

The simple reason is, harmful toxins are making their way into your body every day. Your food has more pesticides now than ever before. Your water is most likely toxic if you are not using a high-quality filter that gets rid of chlorine and heavy metals. Toxins also enter your body through your skin in your chlorinated shower, as well as through many soaps and shampoos, cosmetics and fragrances. When you eat out, the food served at most restaurants is not organic and is filled with pesticides. When you breathe outside, you are exposed to the toxic fumes from cars.
Fact is, you can’t get away from them 
toxins are EVERYWHERE.

Over time, toxins build up and it becomes very difficult to maintain the same level of health you had when you were younger. The only way to get back to feeling good again is to detox on the daily basis so that toxins do not accumulate and cause problems.

Tuesday Detox 6:30 - 8pm

Regular Price Admission - $20 (Value $40)
Experience a mini shiatsu massage
Whole body detox with vibration therapy
Detox Green Drink
Detox Clay
FREE Kangen Detox Water

Universal Detox
776 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, CT
(Entrance and parking in the back)

Space is limited - RSVP (text) 413-847-1646

Kristina Agudelo – Agawam, Massachusetts

My husband met Lily in 2012 at a networking meeting where she heard about my serious autoimmune condition. She offered to help and my husband reluctantly agreed since he didn’t believe at first that it would work because it seemed too simple to him. Since we had tried just about everything and the symptoms still persisted, we decided to give it a shot. To our surprise, I started feeling better very quickly. My nerve pain is almost non-existent now. My headaches went away and my energy improved. My children and my husband all received benefits as well that we did not expect with digestion and skin conditions. It was quite unbelievable that something so simple can be so effective. Naturally, I began to recommend it to my clients since I am a fitness trainer. Because I had such great results, my clients wanted to purchase what I had and my income increased tremendously and I received commission checks ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars over what I would normally get paid. I wasn’t looking for this as a business, but because it helped me so much, I had to share it with my clients and offer them a lot more value in working with me than any other trainer. This was the missing link in my wellness program. Thank you so much, Lily, for reaching out and for changing our lives physically and financially.
John Vazquez – Springfield, Massachusetts

When I started working with Lily in 2011, my biggest problem was my high blood sugar. It was so out of balance that my doctor wanted me to start on medication right away to keep me from fainting or worse. Before I committed to a lifestyle of medications I decided to detox as my last resort and very quickly my blood sugar went back to normal to my big surprise. As long as I maintain my detox regimen, my blood sugar is normal and I am very relieved that I don’t have to take medication. My entire family also received great benefits with improved digestion and weight-loss, including my dog! For someone like me who is very busy and doesn’t eat healthy all the time and doesn’t juice every day, this was extremely simple and easy, I almost didn’t believe it would work. I found it to be inexpensive in comparison to some of the other things I was buying that I did not need anymore. Also, my finances improved as a side benefit. I received such great results that I couldn’t help but share with my friends and family and as they began to try it, they felt a lot better too and now most of my family and many of my friends are on this regimen for life because of how good they feel. Since I shared my experience I was able to get compensated handsomely through the referral program that Lily offers. There is really nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Angela Piermarini – Leominster, Massachusetts

I met Lily at a Wellness Expo in 2013 where she had a booth promoting her business. I was still very weak at the time recovering from chemo and I almost didn’t go out that day. I’m so glad that I did because as soon as I started to try what Lily had recommended, I began feeling better within days. My energy came back and recovery picked up speed as I began to detox more effectively. I was able to find hope and relief because now I had something that made my life a lot easier. I was no longer a slave to my kitchen (juicing constantly) and I began to have more breathing room and enjoy life a little because I was able to detox every day and keep myself balanced. As a massage therapist and a wellness consultant, it was easy for me to recommend it to my clients and I was able to increase my income by taking better care of them. If you are a wellness practitioner, this can really help your business a lot. If you have had a serious health situation like I did, you really need to detox every day in order to recover and maintain your health. There is no easier way to keep your body in balance. You owe it to yourself to give it a try. 

Dr. Jose Fernandez – Hyannis, Massachusetts 

I am the Executive Director of the Integrative Wellness Center in Hyannis, Cape Cod. I was also the CEO of Greenpoint Hospital in NY for many years. When I started the detox regimen with Lily, I was suffering from indigestion to the point that I was very uncomfortable eating my favorite foods. I was skeptical at first by the simplicity of what she had offered. Since she was recommended by a relative, I was willing to give it a try. I was surprised that in a matter of weeks I was able to have the courage to try the spiciest thing on the menu and nothing happened. I did not get heartburn like I did before. Since then, I am able to eat my favorite foods and maintain my digestive health. It was a remarkable solution when medications no longer worked. Because of the results I received, I had to put it in my center and introduce all my patients to this simple yet very effective alternative. Many of my patients are getting great results and are making it part of their daily lifestyle. It’s a great feeling to help people beyond my Integrative Wellness Center and to leave a legacy for many years to come. Thank you Lily.

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